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thesamba's Journal

the samba
victims are suffering in silence and are not asking for help.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIND ALL ABOUT the samba IN THE BLOG CLICK HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
a fine frenzy, a streetcar named desire, acquaintance, all good things, anarchy online, anathema, angelo badalamenti, armin van buuren, art directors, artemis fowl, betty page, bios, bisexual, black art, bloomers, bmezine, box, breakups, buddy guy, buffy summers, cecilia bartoli, celtic harp, chocolat, chocolate covered espresso beans, club hell, colony 5, connecticut, crash, cute stuffed animals, d-boys, dbz, dean/seamus, despised icon, dimensions, dream, dying earth, ears, elegant gothic lolita, eric dane, erika, exquisite corpse, fassbinder, fat acceptance, fat admirers, ferrari, final fantasy icons, firebird, flags, foreplay, fortune cookies, fps, free, fullmetal panic, game, game boy advance, gay leather, gentoo, group therapy, guiding light, hannah montana, harry/pansy, helena bonham-carter, hellogoodbye, hoes, hornpipes, icon tutorials, id, isabeli fontana, italia, jack the ripper, jack/ianto, james spader, jane doe, jennifer morrison, john cena, josh hartnett, karl bartos, kevin, kmfdm, last exile, layout codes, leftover salmon, link larkin, logic problems, m*a*s*h, mangas, meat puppets, michael guy chislett, miller, mizuki hajime, moments of grace, moonspell, mountaineering, mourning, mr. oizo, new balance, oracle, original oratory, pansy/hermione, photoshop brushes, positive, producer, publicity, qmail, raggae, red elvises, richard belzer, riot squad, robot chicken, roger waters, rosalie hale, salvia, samurai deeper kyo, saxon, scrapped princess, sierra nevada, sims 2, single parents, slavic languages, sons and daughters, stephanie march, style, such a surge, supermassive black hole, syd barret, talmud, tamagotchi, tatu, test, the dark arts, tolerance, trends, tweak, vaccinations, vincent cassel, winifred burkle, ykk